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Rental Rule

Taichung City Chung Shan Hall Facility Rental

Regulation No. 100036530 Issued by Taichung City Government on March 7, 2011

Article 1.0 Taichung City Government (referred to below as the ¡§Government¡¨) has formulated these regulations to promote arts and cultural activities and to foster the usage of Chung Shan Hall.
Article 2.0 The Central Affairs Bureau, Taichung City Government (referred to below as the ¡§Bureau¡¨) is responsible for administering these regulations.
Article 3.0

Government agencies, schools, foundations, the general public and/or private entities shall submit rental applications to the Bureau to hold/host arts and cultural activities (such as concerts, plays, dances and festivals). One-third of Chung Shan Hall¡¦s of scheduling time has been designated and prioritized for the Government and its organizations, schools within the district, and city-registered performance groups.

Note that city-registered performance groups and schools within the district are still required to submit rental applications according to regulations.
Article 4.0

For Chung Shan Hall rentals, applicants need to fill out a Chung Shan Hall event application. Applications shall be submitted:

4.1 In January for event date(s) during the following year between January and June.
4.2 In July for event date(s) during the following year between July and December.
Article 5.0

The Bureau will set up a review committee made up of prestigious experts and scholars and application qualifications will be determined by the Bureau.

Every February, the review committee will review the applications for the following year¡¦s January to June period; every August, the committee will review applications for the following year¡¦s July to December period.

Once approved, evaluation scores will be used to determine scheduling priority and a waiting list. Should there be available time slots, the Bureau will publicly promote and accept applications, and process them according to Article 4.0.

Popular international arts and cultural activities will not be restricted by Article 4.0, but processed as special cases through the Bureau review committee.
Article 6.0 Within two months following the setting of a schedule, applicants and the Bureau should enter into an administrative usage contract for which applicants will deposit an amount equal to 40% of the rental fee, and pay out the remaining balance one month before the event date.
Article 7.0 Deposits are non-refundable after the schedule has been set with exception of events caused by compelling force.
Article 8.0

Non-profit events held at Chung Shan Hall by the Government and its agencies, Taichung city schools, and registered performance groups will be exempt from paying rental and video-taping fees. A city-registered performance group or school will only receive such exemptions once per year.

Depending upon performing schedules, a 50% discount on the rental will be applicable for any for-profit events held by schools within the district and city-registered performance groups.
Article 9.0

Conditions listed below are grounds for prohibiting usage; usage may be revoked even after approval:


Differences between events and those noted on the application;

9.2 Unauthorized transfer of schedule;
9.3 Any violation of government regulations and policies;

Any events disrupting public order and morals;


Any political party activities, religious lectures, conventions, and ceremonies;


Direct marketing or other commercial activities;


Use of torch, fireworks or any dangerous items identified by the Bureau.

9.8 The Bureau reserves the right to rent the Chung Shan Hall if vandalization or attempted vandalization were to be found.

Article 10.0

Applicants should carefully utilize Chung Shan Hall and its equipment; and restore or pay for any losses or damages according to regulations.

Article 11.0 Facility rental fees will be specified within the regulations.
Article 12.0 The format of the regulations form will be determined by the Bureau.
Article 13.0 These regulations are immediately effective.