The sound system is mainly composed of mixer, effect controller , amplifier, and speakers.

The main amplifiers use line array speakers and are installed on top of the stage proscenium.

Subwoofers are also added for meeting all kinds of performing needs.



The proscenium stage is 17 meters in width, 10 meters in height, and 15 meters in depth. The lifting orchestra is 4.6 meters in depth.

The suspension system is quipped with facilities like fire curtain, tormentor, teaser, border, main curtain, sound eflective board, electric, CYC electric, travel curtain, black drop, and RP.



Main facilities include lighting controller, light dimmer, lighting system equipment, and light channels. Lighting system equipment can be sorted as overhead lighting equipment, outer lighting equipment, and side lighting equipment. The overhead lighting equipment includes spot light lighting equipment, Fresnel light lighting equipment, and Far Cyc lighting equipment. In addition, follow spot is also equipped for allowing different set-up and controls in accordance with different performing programs.


Chung Shan Hall has four large-sized grand pianos, including Steinway, Bosendorfer, Kawai, and Yamaha, and one small Yamaha grand piano.


4 group dressing rooms are provided for performers. Vanities and man and woman's bathrooms are also provided for performers to shower after rehearsals and performances. There are 4 personal dressing rooms and each has its own closet and bath facilities.