Rental Rule


Regulations for the Application and Governance of Taichung City Chung Shan Hall

Promulgation No.1000036530 Decree dated March 7, 2011
Promulgation No.1060228456 Decree dated October 19, 2017


Article 1     Taichung City Government (hereinafter referred to as the “Government”) has established these Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”) to promote cultural or artistic events, and enhance the functions of Taichung City Chung Shan Hall (hereinafter referred to as the “Hall”).


Article 2     The competent authority for these Regulations is Taichung City Government Cultural Affairs Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the “Bureau”).


Article 3     Government agencies, schools, legal entities, civil organizations or individuals intending to hold cultural or artistic (such as musical, dramatic, choreographic and acrobatic) events may submit applications to the Bureau for usage of the Hall.
Thirty percent (30%) of all available time slots at the Hall have been reserved by the Government for administrative agencies, schools and registered performing groups of  Taichung City (hereinafter referred to as the "City"). Schools and registered performing groups shall nevertheless submit applications in accordance with these Regulations.

Article 4     Applicants shall fill out a Chung Shan Hall Performance Event Application Form and submit it to the Bureau before the deadlines listed below:
I.    Applications for time slots in January to June of the following year shall be made in January of this year.
II.    Applications for time slots in July to December of the following year shall be made in July of this year.

Article 5     The Bureau shall organize a review committee comprised of experts and scholars to review the applications; the directions for such review operations shall be issued by the Bureau.
Every February, the committee will review the applications for events scheduled for January to June of the following year; every August, the committee will review the applications for events scheduled for July to December of the following year.
Once the applications have been reviewed and approved according to category by the committee, scheduling priority and waiting list sequence shall be determined based on the evaluation scores of applications, percentage of applications, and applicants’ own preference. And after the applicants on the waiting list are fully allocated, the Bureau may announce the available time slots and accept new applications together with next year’s committee session or special projects, which shall not be restricted to the applicant period in the preceding article. These applications may only be accepted once they are filed ninety (90) days before the performance date.

Article 6     Applicants shall confirm all items and period of use of the application, and pay forty percent (40%) of the total fees within two months after the designated schedule announcement. The applicants who fail to confirm items, period of usage or payment of fees before the deadline shall be deemed to give up the usage of venue.
The applicants shall pay the rest (60%) of the fees and complete an agreement of usage with the Bureau one month before the actual date of usage.

Article 7 Should the applicants abandon to use the venue after paying the fees referred to in the preceding article, these fees will not be refunded except for force majeure or circumstances not attributable to the applicants.


Article 8     Non-ticketed performances hosted by the Government, its agencies (other than the Bureau), schools  and registered performance groups of the City may be exempted from rental and video-recording fees. Ticketed performances hosted by the parties mentioned previously shall be charged half of the total fees for the application. Fee reductions however shall be limited to once per year.
All performances hosted by the Bureau may be exempted from rental and video-recording fees. The events jointly held by the Bureau and other agencies with special approval shall accordingly be exempted from rental and video-recording fees as well.

Article 9     Conditions listed below are grounds for prohibiting usage; usage may be revoked or voided even after approval:
I.    Difference between the content of the event and that indicated in the application.
II.    Unauthorized transfer of venue usage to another party.
III.    Any violation of government laws, regulations and policies.
IV.    Disruption of public order and morals.
V.    Activities held by political parties and religious lectures, sermons, assemblies, or ceremonies.
VI.    Marketing of products not associated with the performance or performing units.
VII.    Use of torches, firecrackers or any hazardous items identified as inappropriate by the Bureau.
VIII.    Damage or possible damage to the building or equipment that has been identified by the Bureau to be inappropriate for use or continued usage of the venue.

Article 10 Users shall utilize the venue and equipment of the Hall with due care and prudence, and adhere to all guidelines provided. If damage or losses are incurred, users shall be liable for restoration or compensating the damage.


Article 11 Please refer to the attached table for the fee standards for various usages as specified in these Regulations.


Article 12 The formats of the documents required by these Regulations shall be additionally prescribed by the Bureau.