Taichung City Chung Shan Hall is located by the side of the long-standing Zhongzheng Park.

It was officially started on April 1st, 1989. Chung Shan Hall covers an area of 33,564.94 m2 with 16,607.5 m2 of floor space.

The quarter circle design demonstrates a graceful arc exterior; it is a 2 story underground and 3 story over-ground building.


  There is a high and spacious hall inside Taichung Chung Shan Hall ; the hall has the highest, deepest, and widest performance stage in Taiwan and a double-deck auditorium with a capacity of 1,557 seats.

While equipped with international standard stage, lighting, and suspension system,

it is a performance venue with the most perfect functions in central Taiwan.

The place is always considered the first choice to be a performance venue for famous domestic and international performing groups.